Each couple of years you have to refresh your site to guarantee it has a crisp, present day look and makes website redesign of the most recent advancements in website architecture. A site which watches obsolete can harm your believability and eventually cost you customers. Before you can start an overhaul anyway you have to begin arranging what you need out of your refreshed site and what you need the completed item to resemble. Beneath I have worked out a 3 stage process which will enable you to get ready for your update and at last give you the site you need.

Stage 1: Investigate to work out which parts merit keeping and what needs Website Redesign

Most sites have investigation introduced yet not very many business know how to use the information that they give to build movement and deals. In the event that the main number you concentrate on when you take a gander at your site’s details is the aggregate number of hits then you have to change your approach.

Website Redesign

While examining your sites information, concentrate on which pages are drawing in the most hits and which ones are keeping guests around for the longest. At that point attempt and confine what is making those pages more effective than others. Concentrate too on where your movement is originating from and which of your promoting methodologies is being the best. Try not to be hesitant to switch things up and analysis to perceive what gives the best outcomes. What you realize ought to at last impact your upgrade.

Stage 2: Work out how your update will construct trust amongst yourself and your gathering of people.

Any site relaunch must concentrate on how it will influence your crowd to put stock in your image. There are two genuine ways you can manufacture trust on your site and I talk about them both underneath.

The main thing you have to do on the off chance that you need your site to be viewed as solid and dependable is to constantly up-date it with unique, fantastic substance. This is on the grounds that customers read your sites substance to decide whether they need to work with you.

Unique substance enables customers to discover you in any case and builds up you as a pioneer in your picked industry. You don’t simply need your guests to see you similarly as a site which offers something, you need your guests to confide in your site as an expert. The substance can’t just be discharged at the same time possibly, it needs be discharged naturally every couple of days for the entire year.

Website Redesign

The other way you can manufacture trust with your clients is to have a dynamic online networking nearness. Clients now expect a specific measure of engagement and intelligence before they will be set up to hand over their cash. By speaking with clients through locales like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram you give your business a human face and radiate the observation that you are keen on hearing your clients input. In the weeks paving the way to your overhaul it is exceptionally prescribed that you survey the way your business utilizes web-based social networking and make a genuine endeavor to draw in with your clients crosswise over different stages.

Analytics metrics to look for:

  • High exit rate
  • Low time on page
  • High bounce rate

Stage 3: Plan out what you want, when you want it and how you plan on getting there.

When thinking about your new design, a really good exercise is to list what you like about other websites and then consider how you might integrate their strengths into your own website. Often while scrolling through other websites you will start to get a feel for what your site does well, and what it does poorly. Pay close attention to how other websites approach design, functionality and user engagement and then use what you learn to make your new design as good as it possibly can be.

Before you can begin, you have to work out what is it exactly, that you want your website to do? What do you want your website to achieve? Your goals should be specific and realistic. Make your goals too vague and you won’t know what you’re doing, make them to lofty and you will just set yourself up for failure.

The key question you need to ask yourself is what is my website for?

  • Is it to act as a sales funnel?
  • Is it to build brand awareness?
  • Is a means to communicate with your customers?

Every website has a slightly different purpose so you need to figure out what your website’s purpose is. For example if you decided your websites purpose was to increase customer engagement you might say one way it could do that would be by having social media apps integrated into the website itself.

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Setting time limits on when you want different aspects of your design completed is also really important. At the start of the process you should map out a timetable which sets out what needs to be done and by when. The timetable should also include who is accountable for what parts of the build. The deadlines should be optimistic but not unreasonable.

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Website Redesign


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